My name is Rebecca Siegel. I’ve been a writer, editor, and information designer since 1983. I founded ThoughtMap in 2004.

I love to write. And I love to take a complicated idea, break it into bite-sized pieces, and make it accessible and easy to understand.

Whether by writing clear instructions, designing better software user interfaces, writing attention-grabbing articles, developing training materials, or editing company marketing materials, my focus is always on helping people understand the information and get their work done more easily.

I’ve worked as an independent consultant, as a member of a team of consultants, as a full-time individual contributor, and as a member of a development team. Although I’m often the sole writer in my group, I’ve managed other writers and user interface designers (both in house and contract).

I received my BA in English from the University of Connecticut in 1987. My interest in human language led me to the MA program in Linguistics at the University of Pittsburgh in 1992, where I focused on discourse analysis of argument and reasoning.